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Toilet, shower, floor, sewer drains, and sink, are at frequent risk of clogs which are brought about by hair, residue, foreign materials, grease, and much more. Clogged drains can damage your drain system, which may cause severe pipe blockage and a great hassle for any plumbing company to fix. Whenever your drains are blocked you need pocket-friendly, quick service and the professional advice of a plumbing expert. Fortunately, Central Coast Plumbing Co is the drain and sewer cleaning service provider available 24 hours, 7 days a week to get your blocked drains functioning like new again.

Our professional plumbers not only clear stubborn clogs but install new drains whenever needed, as part of a solution to the issue of a blocked drain. With our blocked drain repair services, we can effectively prevent issues recurring in the future because we always go for long-lasting solutions.

Reliable Services

Clogged and blocked drains always come as a surprise. Such an emergency always hit at the worst times – like in the middle of the night, the eve of a big party, or when you’re expecting an important guest. That’s why we don’t sleep when you sleep so we can respond at your hour of need. We are also conveniently located to get to your home quickly enough. Our emergency team will effectively and quickly identify the problem, fix your blocked drains, and show you at no extra cost, how you can prevent a future blockage. We even provide pocket-friendly video pipe inspection to verify whether your pipe is completely clean.

Plumbing Services on Offer

If you have a blocked or damaged drain? Our on-the-road plumbers are fully equipped to get out to you, assess and inspect the blockage or damage, and fix the blockage with minimum stress and fuss.

Experience Clean Blocked Drain Repair Services

Even though blocked drain repair is one of the dirtiest jobs, we find no excuse for leaving your home in a mess after providing the service. At Central Coast Plumbing Co our aim is to respect your home and leave it cleaner than we found it. Our plumbers keep your home clean by using booties and floor mats to protect your floors.
We also fix the drains as fast as possible to get the water flowing through the drains again so you can get back to your comfort ASAP. When we’re done, we clean the mess around leaving your house like we were never there or like you never experienced a blocked drain problem. We are known to offer the cleanest and the best service in Central Coast! Whether you need help with your blocked stank or you’re looking for a choke clearance, we’re just a call away.

Hire Us to Enjoy the Peace Of Mind You Need

Experience the peace of mind you need knowing that you’ll have trained, well-equipped and trusted experts working on your clogged drains. We always provide a quote before we proceed with our work. We know surprise costs can be a headache and we always avoid them. Drain experts in our team boasts many years of experience and they know how to do things right and professionally. Our certified plumbers can tackle any clogged drain project, big to small and deliver to exceed your expectations.



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Central Coast Plumbing Co is a trusted leader in the Central Coast community for efficient, quick, commercial or residential blocked drain repair services. Devoted to high quality customer service, we take care of your home as if it is our home. Just give us a call today and leave the rest to us.

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